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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems for Facilities
Thermal Imaging Video

Heat signatures are detected and identified at a long distance away from the forward edge of your physical perimeter, providing your team with the tool necessary to identify, asses and respond if required. In conjunction with other systems, it can be used as your perimeter intrusion detection system. Yes this is a compost pile, but the camera found the fire before a fire a actually broke out.

Volumetric Microwave

Microwave sensors generate an electromagnetic (RF) field between transmitter and receiver, creating an invisible volumetric detection zone. When an intruder enters the detection zone, changes to the field are registered and an alarm occurs.
Direct Burial Cable

TheMost Common Technologies

Magnetic Field
Passive, Covert, Terrain Following,Volumetric

Ported or Leaky Coax
Active,Covert,Terrain Following,Volumetric

Fence Mounted

The Most Common Technologies

Disturbance Sensing
Passive,Visible,Terrain Following,Line Detection

Magnetic Field
Passive,Visible,Terrain Following, Line Detection

Ported or Leaky Coax
Active,Visible, Terrain Following, Volumetric

Fibre Optic
Passive,Covert,Terrain Following,Line Detection

Photo Beam 

Photo Beam
Active Infrared, Visible, LOS, Line Detection
Seismic Sensors

The Most  Common Technologies

Passive, Covert, Terrain Following,Line Following

Fibre Optic
Passive,Covert,Terrain Following,Line Detection

All of the above technologies work very well, but not alone, they must be part of a multi layered approach to security to be effective. Finding a solution that actually fits your needs is critical.