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Residential Video Surveillance

We prefer to use Canadian Technology when ever we can or at the very least a product line that is reputable and has no back doors. 

Properly installed residential video surveillance systems Do Not invade other peoples privacy, the majority do.

Residential Video Surveillance

For those of you who are interested in keeping an eye on your children, please remember that all this new technology that we are embracing is sending the photos of your loved one over insecure networks. There is no stereotypes of those who engage in stealing this data. It can be the guy that looks like grandpa or the woman that looks like a medical professional, it can be anybody. Be wary of the consumer products that are available to you at your local tech store and recommended by the sales rep. If you wish to know when your son or  daughter is sneaking out while you are at work, let the pros do it or at the very least consult with a professional.