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What  is wrong with this picture?

When did security become a secondary requirement to laziness? Automation is exactly that, laziness. It makes our lives easier, we don't need to turn on a light switch  because the occupancy sensor does that for us. We turn the TV on with the remote control and the lights dim down, the blinds go down, all doors lock and the security system may be turned on, or not. The dependency on automation software to do everything is not a good sign. The majority of devices that operate in the world of automation do not use secure encrypted  communications. So the majority of you who believe the guy who sold you a very expensive home theatre system, may end up placing the safety and security of your families at risk. 

There is no reason for any body to have remote internet access to their security system. Notification of an incident via text, makes a lot of sense. Sending an image of your daughter coming home over the internet, really? Automation is not a bad thing, its a good thing. The majority of residential automation systems do not have the same network security that commercial facilities have. Keep your security systems off the internet. The heart of the matter, your families security starts with you and it's not about your convenience, technology just happens to be some of the tools that help. The only way to be certain that a door is locked, is for you to close the door, turn the key and and test the door to ensure it is locked.

If you insist on using remote access automation applications please ensure that your automation software communicates with your telephone app in an encrypted manner. The higher bit rate the better.

We support automation platforms that do not restrict service providers from using their products.
Our mission is to provide service to our client not restrict service.