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Whole House Structured Wiring

Whole House Structured Wiring/Cabling can be defined as the combining of all communication wiring in your home and treating it as a single cohesive system. This includes your SOHO network, telephone, video, audio, security system, media distribution, external data distribution to out buildings as well as wifi for portable devices.

Home Theatre

Compact Audio Rack-Middle Atlantic link

This mid level equipment rack installed in a compact area. From a location such as this you can distribute your favourite music throughout your home and yard.
We are Russound Certified.


Projector With Visible Screen

Flat Screen

Flat Panel

You have options, projector based technology or flat screen. 

Cable Management

ONQ Security,Data and Telephone Distribution

OnQ Cable and Data Distribution

The above methods of structured wire/cabling works well for where you want a nice and neat looking  package. We provide you with a clean installation that functions well and is easy to service. We are OnQ Certified.

Use the best performing North American made cable that one can afford. Name brand cables are not necessarily the best value for your dollar. Building the highway between the flat panel/projector and the equipment rack is important, because that is the cable that will change in the future. Use RG6/U Quad Shield  for all co-ax applications as a minimum. Cat5e for Telephone/, CAT6 and CAT6A cable for Data applications if you plan to be a heavy data mover consider Fiber Optic Cable for particular locations. By using the best infrastructure design and execution that one can, it will allow you to future proof your home. How will you upgrade to fibre when your home is completely finished. 

Let your home builder know that you want you own contractor to this work, or the very least, have major interaction between you and the builders systems contractor. No offense to electricians, you do fine work, for but the majority of electricians this not their forte. Most home builders will respect the home owners wishes. Please understand there are no building code standards for this industry, therefore no body inspects their work. The only way you can control the quality of installation is to be able to control the security/communications contractor. The security/communicaton contractor is still required to report to the home builder, as they are  responsible for the over all project. After your home is built and you are living in it, do you want to discover what is missing, installed  in the wrong place or not working to your liking. Your security/communcation contractor will most likely be one of the last contractors to leave your home. The contractor that is providing you this technology must be treated with the same respect and the same professional  manner that the other licensed trades are.

We supply a variety of  speakers PSB, KEF,NILES and amplifiers such as NAD, DENON, MARANTZ for your listening enjoyment and for your viewing pleasure PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG, SONYIf you don't see the product that interests you, please contact us.